Altra Lone Peak 2.0 Polartec

Altra Lone Peak 2.0 NeoShell: Review

I live in the Pacific Northwest. The best part of living here is that the winters are generally mild, so it’s no problem to run year round on trails. However, it also rains a lot. So many of our runs in the winter and spring are waterlogged! Now we’re all used to this, running with wet shoes and socks isn’t all that bad once you get used to it. Just grab some good wool socks and well drained shoes and you’re good to go.

After I turned 60, I decided it was time for some creature comforts. I was getting more susceptible to getting cold as an old guy, so I picked up some Gortex Vasque trail runners and a Patagonia Gortex running jacket and I have to tell you, I was bullet proof! It’s great finishing a wet run with dry socks. The problem was, I normally run in minimalist, zero drop shoes and compared to those, the Vasque trail runners were clunkers. So I was super happy to see Altra to come out with some water proof trail runners. I already run in Lone Peaks so this was perfect. I thought I should share my experience with these bombers in case some of you are trying to use the weather to duck out of runs!

Field Test in the Rain

So my first run in the rain was a success. I was out for a couple of hours in a driving rain, running through mud puddles and standing in the creek. My feet were dry and comfortable. Just what I was hoping for.

What I Liked Most

What I like about the Altra brand in general is their commitment to natural foot movement in a running shoe. The wide toe box allows your toes to naturally spread as you run. I have wide feet so the over sized toe box is a bonus to me. I wear zero drop shoes at work and while running, so having a water proofed zero drop shoe for running in the winter is a bonus. These Lone Peaks also have a flexible stone guard that helps on rocky sections.  I found the traction to be similar to my normal Lone Peak’s. And don’t forget the gator trap on the back. But of course, the best part is the Polartec NeoShell waterproof uppers. The NeoShell is breathable, which I tested out at a warm mountain race without any overheating issues.  Although the fabric adds some stiffness to the shoe, it remains relatively light weight keeping the shoe at 10.9oz.

What I didn’t Like

One of the great attributes of Altra Lone Peaks is their flexibility. Now I have to admit, these Altra’s are a heck of a lot better than my previous Gortex shoes as far as flexibility, but just be aware that there is a slight stiffness that comes with the Polartec NeoShell.

I Recommend the Altra Lone Peak 2.o NeoShell

If you want dry socks this winter, then these solid waterproof trailrunners from Altra are the bomb!

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