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Maffetone method training

5 Common Challenges with Maffetone Method training

  Welcome to the Maffetone Method training. It’s surprising how such a simple concept can be so challenging to follow. There are thousands of success stories, but not everyone takes the same path. Rather than writing about my personal challenges with the method,  I decided to survey runners doing Maffetone Training and find out what…

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run faster over 50

The #1 Hidden Secret to Run Faster over 50

How hidden stress is holding you back and what you can do about it! Did you know you can still run faster over 50? Imagine as a 50 or 60 year old you can still charge up the steeps and fly down the down hills without pain! I certainly didn’t feel that way when I…

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Over 50 heart attack

I had a heart attack… 3 surprising things I learned about over 50 running training

When I turned 50, I had my midlife crisis, a heart attack. Totally unexpected. I was a healthy and fit marathoner and I thought I had my over 50 running training dialed in. I did all the right things: ate a low fat diet, exercised, and lived a pretty stress free life. We all know the…

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Are your long runs junk miles

How to tell if your Long Training Miles are Junk Miles: Video

Junk Miles! Everyone talks about them, but what really counts as Junk Miles? We all know that a weekly long run is an important part of any training plan. Most of us will get a training plan from a book, magazine article or online. In the plan will there will be a weekly long run…

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heart rate variablility app

Heart Rate Variability app with no strap required!

I was reading an Outside Online article on “What is Heart Rate Variability” when I noticed they mentioned a new iPhone heart rate variability app, Hrv4 Training, that measures your heart rate variability using the camera instead of a chest strap. That immediately got my attention since the best time to measure your heart rate…

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MAF Training

Does MAF Training really make Runners Over 50 Faster?

I get asked that question all the time. Is it really possible for runners over 50 to run faster with MAF training? Well, I just received an email from Dr Phil Maffatone with the article “The Science of Success“. In the article, he shares the story of 52 year old Biophysicist Martin Gruebele. Martin won…

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Altra One 2.5 Video Review: Not Just For Roads

I mostly run trails, but I recently picked up a pair of Altra One 2.5’s to train for a local road marathon. I found that these super light, cushioned slippers were not only great for training and for racing… but I could even use them for trails! Watch this video review for the details.

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Know Your Why and Run Forever

Know Your Why and Run Forever!

Why do you run? To stay fit, lose weight, or for the competition? Those are all good reasons to run, but if you are struggling, not running faster, not losing weight, or training consistently, then you need to get your head straight. Otherwise, you will continue to drift until you revert to being a jogger…

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What, No Hill Workouts for a 50 Mile Trail Race?

I’m so stoked about my new training plan. I decided to try a crazy experiment! Read on and see if this might work for you… You see, I was a pavement pounding marathoner for many years, and though I switched to trail running over 10 years ago and haven’t done a road marathon in quite…

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How Stress is Hurting your Running!

Imagine as a 50 or 60 year old you can still charge up the up hills and fly down the down hills without pain. Doesn’t seem possible, we all know we get slower and stiffer as we get older. But  read on and I’ll share how I found a different approach to training that totally…

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