Are your long runs junk miles

How to tell if your Long Training Miles are Junk Miles: Video

Junk Miles!

Everyone talks about them, but what really counts as Junk Miles?

We all know that a weekly long run is an important part of any training plan. Most of us will get a training plan from a book, magazine article or online. In the plan will there will be a weekly long run prescribed. So, as runners over 50, we blindly follow the mileage recommendation. But how can you tell that the long run mileage is right for you? In this short video,  you will learn how to tell if your long training run is right for you or just Junk Miles…

Rid Your Runs of Junk Miles

It’s time for you to take personal control of your training. If you are still running over 50, it’s important to listen to your body rather than follow some scripted generic training plan. By paying attention to your running form, you’ll gain benefit from every mile you run. I’ve create a free video mini-course that will build your aerobic engine while you’re out there on your long runs.

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