New Guide Reveals: How To Run Faster and Burn Fat Without Injury in 90 Days!

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to build a new Aerobic Engine during the off-season in 3 Steps. Start your next Race season in the best condition of your life!

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In this Training Guide You Will Discover...

  • How Running Slow will make you Fast!

    Learn how your Aerobic System can make you faster. How to jack up your Fat Metabolism to burn more fat, and how to reduce injuries by reducing stress.

  • Use your Heart Rate to Train Smart

    Utilizing a simple formula will change how you run during your off-season and the rest of your life!

  • Evaluate Your Progress

    Set a baseline then monitor monthly using a simple running test to truly see if you are making progress.

Throw away that old scripted training plan that is hard to follow and can lead to injury. Download this guide today to get real improvement over this winter!

Roxanne Honaker

Really loving this program! Feel so good and happy. After 90 days, I'm now running a minute per mile faster!

Roxanne Honaker
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