Sherpaherb Group Coaching:

Weekly meetups at Marathon Park in Olympia on Mondays at 6pm...

First Session FREE!

This training is for you if:

  • You are tired of running injured and slow
  • You want to get better without the standard "No Pain, No Gain" approach
  • You want a personalized plan with monthly assessments

Let me know if you plan to show up by calling me at (360)207-1747. Call today, Class size is limited. (Next Session Starts March 12, 2018)

In Sherpaherb's Group Training, You Will...

  • Build Your Aerobic Engine

    Learn how to increase your aerobic metabolism so you run faster with less effort.

  • Eliminate Hidden Chronic Stress

    Learn how simple changes to your training and running form can allow you to run longer without injury.

  • Learn to Eat Clean to Burn Fat

    Can’t seem to loose that last 5 to 10 pounds? I’ll share a proven change in your diet that will melt it off.

Call Me Today! (360) 207-1747