What, No Hill Workouts for a 50 Mile Trail Race?

I’m so stoked about my new training plan. I decided to try a crazy experiment! Read on and see if this might work for you…

You see, I was a pavement pounding marathoner for many years, and though I switched to trail running over 10 years ago and haven’t done a road marathon in quite a while, a unique opportunity came up this year. A friend resurrected the 1984 Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials course in Olympia, my home town. I just couldn’t pass up running the old course. So I signed up for the inaugural Trials Legacy Marathon.

One problem…The marathon was just 2 weeks before my goal race, the tough White River 50 mile ultramarathon with over 8,900 feet of elevation gain!

I decided to put my training plan to the test. For 90 days, I would only do slow, max aerobic heart rate runs on flat roads, with a couple of stress-free strength training sessions per week.

Granted, I’ve done more than 50 ultramarathons so I already have the physiology for running in the mountains. But I really wanted to test my theory that building a stronger engine could be done without running hills. Plus, I wanted to be well prepared for the marathon.

So I bought a pair of Altra One’s 2.5 road shoes and hit the pavement. After (4) 20 mile training runs, I felt comfortable on the road again and knew I was ready for the marathon.

The marathon went great! I actually enjoyed the race and best of all, I ended up winner of the Super Master Division without beating myself up!
Now, how to taper for the White River 50 miler?

I rested for a week then attempted a steep 4 mile trail climb to see how I felt. I was surprised how good it was going uphill. It was just as if I had been doing my standard hill workouts. I was ready.

So I felt confident at the start of the 50 miler and actually completed the initial major climb in record time for me. I did end up slowing down near the end of the race and was passed by a fellow age grouper with just 4 miles to go. But I finished feeling good and got 2nd place in my age group!

So what does this have to do with you?

Well, are you tired of those scripted “No Pain, No Gain” training plans? Are you tired of getting injured just trying to prepare for an event?

What if you could run 1 min./mile faster in 90 days without any speed work?

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